Summer Trivia

Summer Trivia

1123 Hard to Believe Facts, by  Nayden Kostov

Thank you, Mr. Nayden Kostov! Thanks to 1123 Hard to Believe Facts, this summer I am gonna ace the trivia games!! Yeah, I am that geek. But I love quizzes!

It could be the dopamine hitting in the brain coming with the right answer, or maybe proving to yourself and others that you know things -still, trivia is THE game! and I can’t remember one single summer without it.

Did you know that Centralia, Pennsylvania (USA) has been burning for the last 54 years? There is a coal mine just underneath the town that caught fire in 1962 and yet shows no sign of abating-2

Everybody loves it. And it’s not a coincidence if one of the most popular apps in the world is a trivia game, with more than 20 million daily active users. (Trivia Crack) I bet you do have it downloaded on your phone right now.

The word Trivia is fairly recent (1920), the first known documented labeling of this casual parlor game as “Trivia” was in a Columbia Daily Spectator column published on February 5, 1965. The authors, Ed Goodgold and Dan Carlinsky, then started the first organized “trivia contests”.  Less than 20 years later, the famous board game Trivial Pursuit was released (1982) and was a craze in the U.S. for several years thereafter.*(source Wikipedia)

Following the success of his website, Mr. Kostov decided to compile some of the most interesting facts in an e-book, a collection of the best gems of breath-taking trivia facts, result of years of sifting through history and reference books on a myriad of subjec51rGsHQBR+L._SX334_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgts as well as searching the Internt and paying attention to the news.

Six chapters:

  • Unbelievable facts about virtually everything
  • People and animals are awesome
  • Disturbing facts about our world
  • Facts about human and animal sexuality
  • You have been warned – don’t try this at home!
  • Debunked myths or unsubstantiated urban legend

packed with interesting, funny and educational hard to believe facts.


This book will provide you with never-ending intellectual ammunition for a lifetime of dinner parties. You will amaze your friends and family by recounting to them that the greatest Chinese pirate of all times was a woman, or that in the USA, vending machines kill more than sharks do!



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Millennials: Are You One of Us?


9d861ac5027505d5d61fe9eb36448da7One of the best part of becoming a self-proclaimed “book blogger” is when authors and PR people from publishing companies reach you out asking if -by any chance- you’d like to read this or that book and help them spreading the word.

Duh!! I’m a bookworm. Sure I would like to read your new/soon-to-be-published book!!

A week ago, Jack Cahn -a first-time author and college student- offered me to read an advanced copy of When Millennials Rule: The Reshaping of America,  written with his twin brother David.

I knew JaWhen Millennials Ruleck and David Cahn -the Twin Titans of Stuyvesant High School– from the media attention they received in 2013 because of their involvement in school activism, and I am an avid reader of their Huffington Post posts too (read here David’s entries and here Jack’s entries).

Jack and David’s book -which I will review soon- is written by and for a specific demographic cohort called Millennials.

According to all the legitimate sources I have consulted, I am -my birthright- one of them. Yes people, I am a Millennial.

Despite there are no precise dates for when the generation starts and ends; most researchers use birth years ranging from the early 1980s to around 2000.* The credit of naming the Millennials goes to authors William Strauss and Neil Howe, which -in their latest book titled Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation– defined the Millennials as a “civic-minded generation with a strong sense of community both local and global“.

Pretty cool, huh? Sure is, on paper. Here comes the reality check.

o-THE-REAL-ME-GENERATION-facebookAfter further research I found out that Millennials don’t exactly enjoy widespread appreciation, nor consideration among society; lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents, tech junkies and guinea pigs for everything marketing related.

We might be more tech savvy, more entrepreneurial, more tolerant and even more optimistic about the future, but we also are the generation with the highest joblessness and debt out of school.

Statistics show that we are the best educated generation of history but -apparently- our political views don’t make any sense, our ideas are unrealistic and we will never reach higher political positions.

3-Steps-to-Reaching-Millennials-on-Facebook.pngGo figure that!

We are good buyers though. No kidding. In fact, there are a lot of books about how to make us buy even more things:

  • Marketing to Millennials: Reach the largest and most influential Generation of Consumer Ever, by Jeff Fromm and Christie Garton (Book) – (eBook)
  • Your Customer is the star: How to make Millennials, Boomers and Everyone Else Love your Business, by Micah Solomon (Book) – (eBook)
  • Managing the Millennials: Discover the core Competencies for Managing Today’s Workforce, by Chip Espinoza and Mick Ukleja (Book) – (eBook)

Just to name a few. That’s quite sad, isn’t it?

My question to you, brave reader, is: What’s really hiding under the sand? Who’s keeping Millennials out of the big game? Why society doesn’t give Millennials credit? Are Millennials really narcissistic personalities characterized by a damaged sense of self?

When Millennials Rule: The Reshaping of America by Jack and David Cahn is an extraordinary reading that I recommend ( August 2nd, 2016). If words and ideas can change the world, and if “it depends on us, on the choices we make, particularly when big changes are happening and everything seems up for grabs“** than we -Millennials- have a lot of work to do.


** President Obama to the class of 2016 at Rutger University 250th Anniversary Commencement

***This post reflects my personal opinion. I am not sponsored by none of the people mentioned above. The reason why I am  highly, strongly, shamelessy suggesting to buy Jack and David’s book is mostly because I believe in the message that carries. I will never get tired to recommend any writer who is not afraid to share good ideas and knows how to use a perfect consecutio temporum!

****If you don’t know what the consecutio temporum is…get out of here!! Kidding, just google it!

The New Bizarro Fiction

The New Bizarro Fiction

How to Successfully Kidnap Strangers, by Max Booth III

How to Successfully Kidnap Strangers is the perfect example of the new genre called “Bizarro Fiction” which, according to Wikipedia, is:  “a contemporary literary genre, which often uses elements of absurdism, satire, and the grotesque, along with pop-surrealism and genre fiction staples, in order to create subversive, weird, and entertaining works.”

Intrigued? Well, you should be!

Grotesque. Idiotic. Brutal. Yet, you absolutely have to read it. Hilarious in it’s craziness, you can’t put that down.

Get your copy now! On (Book) – (Ebook)