Books of the Week

Books of the Week



Hello Readers,

another week another bunch of books. Not a very fortunate one, I have to admit, but still worth sharing.

Coincidences amaze me and knowing that there is a science behind that amaze me even more, Connecting with Coincidence will show you how they work in our lives. This book wasn’t exactly my favourite, a bit redundant, but quite informative anyway.

Evicted brought light on an extremely painful issue that America needs to face! Removing families from their homes in name of profit and greediness is wrong and counterproductive on the long run.

Being reclused because of a bad seasonal cold made me think about loneliness and if it’s really a bad thing that we should avoid at any cost. If you live in the city though, some “alone time” can be something your body and mind will crave at some point. The Lonely City is a beautiful reportage through the art of being alone.

My deep love for New York brought me another splendid book: A Bronx Boy’s Tale is Newell’s personal account of life in the Bronx, when life was good.

That’s it for Books of the Week. See you the next week… happy reading everyone!

When Life Was Good

When Life Was Good

A Bronx Boy’s Tale, by Jimmy Newell

One of my favourite things to do while I walk around the city is trying to imagine how was like to live in New York in the past; trying to imagine the Fifth Avenue in the 60s or shopping at Macy’s in the 70s or feeling the roaring 80s invading Downtown.cover85108-medium

A Bronx Boy’s Tale takes you in a very special place at a very special time, it’s a beautiful account of life that takes you back in time, when life was good and hopes strong.

A splendid book to read!

And if you pay enough attention, you can feel it.. the heart of the city beating! It’s there. It’s always been there.

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