Do You Do ASMR?

Do You Do ASMR?

Idiot’s Guides: ASMR, by Julie Young – Ilse Blansert

Make Money through YouTube is not a secret anymore. Whether you talk fashion, tech or daily life, product placement and sponsored videos is where money come from. In fact, if most people think of YouTube as a place to find instructional videos, music and news, others look at it as a major revenue source for their business.

51KoByiIbBL._SX416_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgOne of the latest money-maker trend coming from YouTube is ASMR, the “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” that has been defined as: “a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or cognitive stimuli“*.

ASMR by Julie Young and Ilse Blansert is an easy-readable guide about  what now seems to be a social and cultural phenomenon:

  • what ASMR is,
  • all the theories and evidence as to why and how ASMR works and where’s the connection to other established methods of relaxation,
  • extensive exploration of the various trigger types,
  • how-to content on creating ASMR videos, including equipment, props, script writing, editing, and uploading,

plus exclusive interviews with the top ASMR artists from all over the world, discussing their strange celebrity and their own ASMR experiences.

Now the big question: Is There Any Money To Be Made In ASMR? You can bet it! Maybe not right away, but with a solid fan base, the YouTube partnership and good contents you might even be able to fully support yourself and even quit your daily job. YouTubers, by their partner contracts, are forbidden from revealing their earnings. But if you browse the net you will come up with quite big numbers (SocialBlade, is one of the longest running YouTube Statistics tracking websites).

Worth trying, isn’t it?

*Source Wikipedia

Get your own copy now! On (Book) – (eBook)


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